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Hydra HDRI Pro is a photoshop plugin that will convert an 8-bit image into a 32-bit HDRI. Create your own spherical HDRI’s for use in 3D rendering programs.

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Product Description

Hydra HDRI Pro is a photoshop plugin that will convert an 8-bit image into a 32-bit HDRI. Create your own spherical HDRI’s for use in 3D rendering programs. Take your 8-bit spherical image, edit it in Photoshop, and then with a click of a button convert it into an HDRI. We recommend using 360 Panoramic app for the iPhone or Android by Occipital, take high quality spherical photos on your smart phone, bring them home and convert them into full 32-bit HDRI with the Hydra HDRI Pro plugin. It revolutionizes the entire 3D rendering process putting the technology in everyone’s hands. What used to cost 10′s of thousands of dollars to take your own HDRI images has now been made available for everyone. Update 10/1/2014 : There is a new iPhone app that works great with this plugin called Photosphere from Google. While we still like Occipitals app they havent updated it in a long time. I would suggest checking out the new app Photosphere, and a bonus is that the resolution on the final jpg is more than 2x the size of the Occipital photo. “This is a well thought out and much needed plugin, so useful, easy to use and the resulting light from the original 8-bit image is spot on.” - Josh Mings, Luxion Inc. (makers of KeyShot)  “This plugin has completely revolutionized the way we approach our workflow at Hydra. We have begun compiling a vast library of spherical images wherever we go. It’s really liberating to not have to carry around bulky high end camera equipment, wherever you are just grab your iphone and snap a few pics, then go back to the studio and create an HDRI image for one of your renderings.” - Jon Hull, Hydra Design Labs Another benefit to working with this plugin is that with traditional 32 bit HDRI images your options for editing that photo are very limited in photoshop. But by starting with an 8-bit image you have the full range of photoshop tools available to edit and clean up your image before converting it to an HDRI. You could for example remove objects, or people, adjust the contrast and colors, all before converting the HDRI. “One example of how we use this benefit is that we have moved the sun around in a photo to create shadows being cast from different angles, and then convert it to an HDRI. This is near impossible to do successfully starting with a 32 bit image.”

Hydra HDRI Pro is compatible with the following versions of Photoshop.
Windows 32 + 64 bit CS4, CS5, CS6, CC
Mac 32 + 64 bit CS5, CS6, CC

Depending on the size of the image you are trying to convert this plugin can be processor and ram intensive. We recommend the basic system requirements for running Photoshop. The conversion time will depend on the size of your original 8-bit image. If you are low on Ram or Virtual Memory the conversion process can take much longer to finish. Be sure you have adequate free space available on your hard drive.

FAQ section

  •    What versions of Photoshop does this plugin work with?

    Windows 32+64 bit CS4, CS5, CS6, CC
    Mac 32 + 64 bit CS5, CS6, CC
  •    How long does it take to process a file?

    It depends on the size of your image and the ram and processor of your computer. A 4096×1907 jpg took 2 minutes to process on a computer running Win8 64bit with a quad-core Xeon and 12gb ram. Times will vary depending on your computer.
  •    I made two HDRI in the same folder and the first one got replaced?

    You must make a new folder for new HDRI before running this plugin. The plugin makes a file called Untitled_HDR2.hdr and it will overwrite any file of the same name in the folder of the original jpg image.
  •    Where is the plugin located after installation?

    You will find the plugin located in File>Scripts>Hydra HDRi Pro
  •    Is there a demo available?

    No, unfortunately we do not have a demo version available for this plugin. We have demo versions planned for our other plugins.

Please verify all System Requirements before purchasing and make sure this plugin is compatible with your version of Photoshop. Due to the nature of Digital Downloads we can not offer any Returns on this product. All sales are final.