Hydra3D-360 Hangar1

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Hangar1 is a full-scale airplane hangar close to 48,000 sq ft capable of holding several full size planes. It is optimized for KeyShot and also comes with a .obj file.

Optimized for KeyShot, .bip and .obj included

Car model not included

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Product Description

Hydra 3D-360 models are not your typical 3D model scene. They offer a full 360 degree scene for renderable views from any angle you choose. Instead of being limited to a 1 or 2 vantagepoints in a typical 3d model scene you can spin the model around for an unlimited choice of views. Because it is a complete scene it is also good for animations such as camera flybys or  turntables. In fact because this model is a fullscale model of an airplane Hangar its actually large enough to do short driving feature animations. Instead of trying to do turntable animations with a backplate or HDRI background you now have to ability to render a camera orbit around the vehicle with a full rendered background as well.

Hangar1 is a full-scale airplane hangar close to 48,000 sq ft capable of holding several full size planes. Such a large space makes the perfect backdrop for rendering cars. There are two large doors on one end of the building that can be hidden to allow natural light to come into the building. There are also 262 ceiling lights to help illuminate the room. When rotated correctly the included HDRI file also perfectly shines light through the upper windows for a dramatic effect. This model is only of the interior of the building, the exterior is bare.

In an Industry first this model is fully optimized to be used with KeyShot, there is also an included .obj model but it doesn’t have any textures mapped. The KeyShot version is fully textured by the designers at Hydra ready to be used for Renderings, just load it into KeyShot and you are ready to go. All of the objects are on separate layers so you can turn off or on any of the features easily, or change the shader on the lights to be off or on.

This 3d model scene has been optimized to work with KeyShot version 3.2 and higher. It comes with a native KeyShot file and a .obj file. The .obj file doesn’t have any textures assigned. There is no car model included in this product, it is used as illustrative purposes in some of the renderings showing suggested use. The file comes with one hdri file.

FAQ section

  • What versions of KeyShot does this model work with?

    KeyShot 3.2 and higher

  • Does this model work with any other programs?

    Yes, there is a .obj file included also but the textures aren’t assigned.

  • Is there a car model included?

    No. The car shown in some of the renderings is just to illustrate a possible use of the scene.

  • Is there a HDRI file included?

    Yes, there is an HDRI included that has a light source that shines through the side windows casting a nice highlight, but you are free to use your own.

Please verify all System Requirements before purchasing and make sure this model is compatible with your version of software. Due to the nature of Digital Downloads we can not offer any Returns on this product. All sales are final.