Quic-Pic Tutorials

QP10: Using Hydra JPG Degrader Plugin

Here is a quick tip on how to use the Hydra JPG Degrader Photoshop Plugin.

QP7: Under-lit Rendering Technique

Gary Ragle shows his technique for rendering a vehicle using an under-lit technique.  

QP1: Adding Hard Shadows to any HDRI

Here is a quick tip on how to add hard shadows to any HDRI image. A lot of HDRI have very soft shadows not matter how much you adjust the contrast. This trick lets you control how hard the shadows are your scene.

QP8: Rendering a Steering Wheel

Chris Schuttera shows a quick technique for rendering a steering wheel.

QP9: Transparent Textures in KeyShot

Jon Hull shows how to make and use transparent textures in KeyShot. Using transparent .tif images for color maps has several advatages over normal color maps. This tutorial will show you how to create these images to use in KeyShot.

QP6: Motion Blur Lab Pro Photoshop Plugin

A quick tutorial on how to use Richard Rosenman’s plugin MBL Pro in photoshop.  

QP3: Alias Clean Surfacing Practices

Here is a quick tutorial on the importance of clean surfacing techniques in Alias. It shows you how to use single span 5th degree curves to create mathematically clean surfaces without any isoparms.

QP2: Using Hydra HDRi Pro Plugin

Here is a quick demo showing how to use the Hydra HDRi Pro Photoshop Plugin. We recommend using 360 Panoramic app for the iPhone or Android by Occipital, take high quality spherical photos on your smart phone, bring them home and convert them into full 32-bit HDRI with the Hydra HDRI Pro plugin.